Texas Journal of Women, Gender, and the Law

Texas Journal of Women and the Law is an academic journal focusing on Texas Women and the Law

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 2, 2002

Can a Domestic Violence Advocate Testify as an Expert Witness? Follow the ABC's of Expert Testimony Standards in Texas Courts: Assist the Trier of Fact Be Relevant and Reliable Credentials Must Be Established
I. IntroductionIt has been shown that laypersons generally hold misconceptions related to domestic violence.2 These misunderstandings, especially when held by jurors, can negate the seriousness of the violence as well as the victim's response of fear....
Raising the Bar: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the ACLU Women's Rights Project
I. IntroductionThis article will define the contribution of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to American constitutional law through her efforts as professor, lawyer, and women's rights advocate. The research focuses primarily on the years 1971 to 1980, during which...
Searching for Context: A Critique of Legal Education by Comparison to Theological Education
I. IntroductionThis paper compares the history, present condition, and future of legal education with Protestant theological education in America. Part II describes the history of legal education in America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries....
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