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No. 54, 2018

'What Is My True Path?': The Participants Quest in Holy Bone
The framework of a traditional theatre experience encourages distance; through the "fourth wall," an anonymous audience eavesdrops on the lives of characters and contemplates the actions of a play separate from their own circumstances. Conventional theatre...
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Where Earth Meets the Sky: Decolonizing Latinxfuturistic Theatre
Of all of the performances and plays I have seen, this one stands out uniquely for several reasons. It is a collectively devised piece by three women of color who choose not only to create in this manner but to also integrate collectivity into the plot...
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If It Walks like Hamlet: The Assembly's Seagullmachine
Ladies and gentlemen, the theater is this way," an actor playing a technician in his blacks gestured to the well-lit area just behind a steel loading door. "We haven't had a chance to put in our opening sequence that will help seat the audience," Seagullmachine...
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No. 50, 2016

Universal Design for One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest in the Czech Republic
In 2014 and 2015, barrier-free theater, Barka, in Brno, Czech Republic, produced Dale Wasserman's stage adaptation of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in translation into several languages and also mediated through a variety of channels to...
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A Brave New World. an Introduction to Menifest Destinitis
Herbert Siguenza's Manifest Destinitis is a contemporary adaptation of Molière's The Imaginary Invalid set in the early California Rancho Era. In Siguenza's adaptation, Don Aragon is a wealthy Californio ranchero, a Spanish-born elite grasping tightly...
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Manifest Destinitis
TIME AND PLACE: A large Alta California cattle ranch hacienda called Rancho Aragon. Sometime between 1848-1850.CAST OF CHARACTERSDON ARAGON (Male actor #1) the patriarch of the family and owner of the large Rancho Aragon he inherited from his Spanish...
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No. 48, 2015

Sight without Vision: Expanding Sensorial Experience in OjO and Rhodopsin 2.0
Two events in the La Jolla Playhouse's WoW Festival draw focus to audience members' use of certain senses in order to heighten the receptivity of others. Both OjO and Rhodopsin 2.0 focus on sight- the emphasis or removal of vision- leaving the audience...
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Opening the Door to Refuse, or the Golden Door
Refuse, or the Golden Door, presented by Ion Theater, was an immersive experience surrounding narratives of the refugee population in San Diego, California. The play takes its name from "The New Colossus," a poem by Emma Lazarus inscribed on The Statue...
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Liz Lerman's Healing Wars
Choreographer Liz Lerman has cast nontraditional dancers and probed unlikely themes since 1976 when her Dance Exchange first performed in Washington, D.C. From the start her works featured the elderly and the disabled, gnarled and hobbled, alongside...
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No. 46, 2014

The Kindness of Radicals: Dissidence and Generosity in the Theatre of Chris Goode and Company
Hello. How are you? Take all the time you need to answer. And don't worry about being polite: be truthful and unafraid. Because here, in the company of British theatre-maker Chris Goode, "How are you?" isn't an innocuous throwaway. It's an invitation...
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Touring with the New York Express
In March and April 2014, three New-York-City-based theatre artists were invited to tour their recent shows in France and Zagreb. Tina Satter's Half Straddle company with their take on Chekov, Seagull (Thinking of you), Christina Masciotti's Vision Disturbance,...
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No. 45, 2014

Dead White Zombies, Dalas TX
The house was on Poe Street, a stunted dead end with six sagging tumbledown houses and two abandoned lots in post-industrial West Dallas. It was here that Dead White Zombies, a Dallas-based performance group, performed T.N.B. (typical nigga behavior)...
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