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Articles from Vol. 16, No. 1, Fall

Insider Trading and Financial Economics: Where Do We Go from Here?
AbstractInsider trading is back in a big way. The current fallout from the "Great Recession" exposes the fragility of the financial system in the age of internationally integrated markets. There is widespread confusion about the causes of the current...
Leveraging Litigation: How Shareholders Can Use Litigation Leverage to Double-Down on Their Investment in High-Stakes Securities Litigation
IntroductionYour client is an activist shareholder who wants to hold the board of directors accountable for actions that pose a likely breach of fiduciary duty. Faced with the prospect of months, if not years, of litigation, your client is hesitant to...
Shareholder Primacy and the Business Judgment Rule: Arguments for Expanded Corporate Democracy
AbstractThere is a fundamental flaw in the law's approach to corporate governance. While shareholder primacy is a well-established norm within United States corporate law, the business judgment rule essentially holds directors blameless when they fail...
Tax First, Ask Questions Later: Problems Predicting the Effect of President Obama's International Tax Reforms
AbstractThe Obama Administration has proposed a dramatic reworking of the way U.S. corporations are taxed on income they earn outside the United States. Although less prominent than other Washington policy debates, these changes are no less contentious....
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