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Why Fighting COVID-19 Requires Character
Singing your heart out for others isn't hard when you are at a celebration like a wedding. But it takes strength of character to do so while in self-isolation to protect yourself from a deadly virus that is preventing your community from gathering. even...
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Defining Boardroom Activists
The standard definition of an activist is "a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change." As a result, most people associate the term with corporate outsiders calling for fundamental reforms to the capitalist system, not the suites...
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Creating a Supportive Mental
Consider this workplace scenario. After working at a mid-sized urban company for about three years, Joanne received the best performance review of her professional life. When meeting with her boss, the conversation was all about how the young mother...
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The Evolution Ol God Corporate Leadership
Early January 3. 2020. American military personnel skillfully maneuvered an MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle through dark skies over Iraq. Acting on commands issued 9.980 km away by U.S. President Donald Trump. they locked the latest in precision...
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Defending the Technology Behind Deepfakes
Secretly recorded. Caught on camera. Listen for yourself. Seeing is believing. As CNN recently pointed out in a special reporton a controversial emerging technology, audio and video have functioned as a bedrock of truth for more than a century."Not only...
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Why Not All Wellness Programs Are Healthy
Smoking was once considered as American as apple pie. In fact. back when more than a few doctors were willing to recommend them. cigarettes were billed as a healthy alternative to Uncle Sam's beloved dessert pastry."Keep fit-reach for a Lucky instead...
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