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Articles from Vol. 28, Annual

Br Conlon and the Tardun Farm Scheme *
Between 1897 and 1936 the Christian Brothers established a network of child welfare institutions in Western Australia that became known as 'The Scheme'. This consisted of the Clontarf and Castledare institutions, both Perth-based, with the latter catering...
Hardly a Soft Landing: The First Australian Foundation of the De la Salle Brothers-Armidale 1906
The determination of the Australian Bishops to maintain a system of Catholic schools, despite the withdrawal in the 1870s of government aid to denominational schools, meant that they had to rely in the service of religious Sisters and Brothers. In...
Patrick Francis Moran: The Making of a Scholar
Patrick Moran was ordained to the priesthood on 19 March 1853 by Archbishop Antonio Luigi Bussi. This was by papal dispensation, as he was one-and-a-half years under the canonical age of twenty-four. He had been living in Rome since the age of twelve,...
Some Themes in Australian Catholic Social Welfare History
Introduction The Catholic Church is a significant provider of social welfare across Australia. Less well known is the history of these services and also the individual and collective contribution of Catholics in the wider professionalisation of...
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