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Articles from Vol. 14, No. 2, Spring

A Political History of DRM and Related Copyright Debates, 1987-2012
IV. DMCA REFORM Especially in light of the Felten and Sklyarov cases, the budding SFU coalition quickly came to see the DMCA as an extremely objectionable law in need of reform. The stories of programmers who had been harassed and even jailed quickly...
Rationales for and against Regulatory Involvement in Resolving Internet Interconnection Disputes
TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION I. FOUR PHASES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INTERNET ECOSYSTEM A. Phase 1: Incubation B. Phase 2: Privatization C. Phase 3: Commercialization D. Phase 4: Diversification II. THE LEVEL 3-COMCAST DISPUTE...
Therasense V. Becton Dickinson: A First Impression
TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION I. BACKGROUND A. The Case B. The En Banc Opinion II. LAW AND POLICY ISSUES RAISED BY THERASENSE A. A Patent Handout B. Implications for Patent Quality C. Implications for Patent Litigation ...
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