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A double blind, refereed journal which publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in marketing. Its primary objective is to expand the boundaries of the literature by supporting the exchange of ideas and insights which further the understanding of marketing.

Articles from Vol. 1, No. 2, July

Gender-Deconstructing Consumption: Scale Development and Validation
INTRODUCTION Among the many social and historical changes that have occurred in this century, none is more important or has more far reaching implications than changes in the role and economic status of women. Unsurprisingly, these changes have...
Marketing Using the Other Team's Playbook?: The Case of William Redmond and the "New Age" Cola Wars and Its Implications for Marketing Strategy
INTRODUCTION In the 1995 season of the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys pretty much had their way with every team in the league--culminating with their 27-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX on January 28, 1996....
Need Recognition by Older Consumers
INTRODUCTION For the next several decades the U.S. population will include a large and expanding number of older consumers. Several reasons account for this phenomenon. Since the turn of the century life expectancy has increased and will probably...
Of Customer Service, Product Parameters, and Service Quality: Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers
INTRODUCTION Quality has many definitions. Ask an engineering or manufacturing type and the answer you would most likely get is performance to specifications. In this vein, McDonalds is a quality operation. Ask a marketer and the definition you...
Temporal Causality and the Dynamic Interactions among Marketing Activity within a Multivariate Cointegrated System
INTRODUCTION Basically, two approaches have been used in the past to estimate the relationship among sales (demand) and marketing-mix variables at various levels of aggregation. Most commonly, a regression model is estimated which includes e.g.,...
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