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A double blind, refereed journal which publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in marketing. Its primary objective is to expand the boundaries of the literature by supporting the exchange of ideas and insights which further the understanding of marketing.

Articles from Vol. 2, No. 2, July

Antecedents to Salesperson Customer Orientation
INTRODUCTION Sales research has consistently demonstrated the importance of a salesperson maintaining a "customer oriented" selling approach rather than a "salesperson oriented" selling approach (e.g. Goff et al., 1997; Saxe & Weitz, 1982)....
Differences between International and Domestic Trade Show Exhibitors
TRADE SHOWS/FAIRS--A REVIEW Trade shows, trade fairs, expositions, scientific/technical conferences, conventions. The name may vary but the basic function of the activity represents a major industry marketing event. They are "events that bring together,...
Is There a Relationship between Personality Types and Instructional Methods?
INTRODUCTION Recent research in personality assessment has demonstrated that certain types of personalities are attracted to specific types of professions (Sipe, 1988). During the past decade, the typological approach to ascertaining personality...
Negotiating Successfully in Cross-Cultural Situations
INTRODUCTION The impact of international business on American companies has been considerably understated. With two-way trade in goods and services amounting to well over $1 Trillion dollars, over 20% of the U.S. GDP in 1992, no part of the economy...
Student Expectations regarding Responses to Salesperson Performance: An Attributional Approach
INTRODUCTION Attribution theory pertains to the processes used by individuals to interpret events by developing causal explanations. According to Weiner (1972), attribution theorists are interested in the relationship between events and the reasoning...
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