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The American Journal of Economics and Sociology publishes scholarly essays in the social sciences, with an emphasis on the intersection of sociology and economics. Also included are book reviews and profiles of historical figures.

Articles from Vol. 59, No. 4, October

Editor's Introduction
THIS SLENDER BUT INTERESTING number of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology completes Volume 59; that is, it is the last of the regular four numbers for our millennium year 2000. However, it is not the last publication that our subscribers...
Lessons from the History of Affordable Housing Cooperatives in the United States: A Case Study in American Affordable Housing Policy
GERALD W. SAZAMA [*] ABSTRACT. Understanding the history of the affordable housing cooperatives in the United States helps us understand the general history of American affordable housing policy. This paper contains a decade-by-decade summary of...
Life in a Hutterite Colony: An Outsider's Experience and Reflections on a Forgotten People in Our Midst
DONALD W. HUFFMAN [*] ABSTRACT. In this study of the Hutterites, an Anabaptist Protestant sect tracing its roots to 1528, an attempt is made to discover the qualities that have enabled their colonies to survive and thrive in North America. It is...
The "New" Political Economies
IN 1651, 350 YEARS AGO, a French writer named Montchretien wrote a book on the subject of "political economy." This expression stuck and important multi-volume treatises on political economy appeared during the following centuries. In 1890, Alfred...
The Political Economy of Silvio Gesell: A Century of Activism
WERNER ONKEN [*] ABSTRACT. Silvio Gesell (1862-1930) pioneered a version of the market economy that was about competitive entrepreneurship but not about capitalism. The financial interests of the hoarders of scarce bank financing and those leveraged...
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