Learning Disability Quarterly

Learning Disability Quarterly is a magazine for educators and other professionals in the field of education. This periodical features articles about research on the various aspects of learning disabilities. Founded in 1978, the Council for Learning Disabilities publishes Learning Disability Quarterly quarterly. David Scanlon is the Editor.

Articles from Vol. 31, No. 2, Spring

Algebra Progress Monitoring and Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities
Abstract. Competence in algebra is linked to access to higher education, employment in better-paying jobs, and, increasingly, the ability to earn a high school diploma. For many students with learning disabilities, developing proficiency in algebra...
Intensive Intervention for Students with Mathematics Disabilities: Seven Principles of Effective Practice
Abstract. The focus of this article is intervention for third-grade students with serious mathematics deficits at third grade. In third grade, such deficits are clearly established, and identification of mathematics disabilities typically begins. We...
The Effects of Tier 2 Intervention on the Mathematics Performance of First-Grade Students Who Are at Risk for Mathematics Difficulties
Abstract. Responsiveness to Intervention (RtI) is recommended both as an essential step before identifying learning disabilities (LD) and as a mechanism for preventing learning difficulties. The use of evidence-based multi-tiered interventions is of...
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