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Articles from Vol. 57, No. 4, Summer

Continuity and Change in American Foreign Policy: Some Thoughts on the Imperialism of Free Trade: Througout the Clinton Years American Foreign Policy-Makers Focused on the Dual Global Triumphs of the American Military and the Economy. What Are the Objectives of the Next Administration? (Perspective)
Whether George W. Bush or Al Gore is eventually declared winner of the American presidential election (and this was still in doubt at the time of writing), come January 2001, Americans will have a new president, national security adviser, secretary...
Justice Denied? Revisiting the Elian Gonzalez Case; the Return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba Was Preceded by Months of Negotiation and Countless Columns of Media Coverage. What Role Did International Politics Play in the Final Decision? and What Are the Worldwide Repercussions? (Commentary)
When a boat carrying Elian Gonzalez, his mother, and 12 other Cuban nationals sank off the coast of Florida in November 1999, Elian's mother drowned and he found himself at the centre of an international custody battle. It made countless front-page...
Labour Issues in International Trade Agreements: Two Solitudes? Where Does Canada Stand Vis-a-Vis the Integration of Labour Standards and International Trade Agreements? Are We Making Progress? (Cover Story)
The International Public Policy Debate That there has been a long-standing debate over the linkage of workers rights to international trade agreements is well known. Opponents - principally the developing countries, including China, but also many...
War Crimes, Reprisals, and International Law: The Chechen Experience: The War in Chechnya Has Been Long, Bloody, and Punishing for Both Soldiers and Civilians. in This Climate of Ongoing Violence, Bitterness, and Distrust, Is There Any Refuge to Be Found in International Law? (Insight)
In recent months, the warfare in Chechnya has entered into a bitter `no quarter' struggle, prompted in large part by what Chechens see as an unrelenting attack by Russian security forces on the dignity and well being of the civilian population. Rape,...
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