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Articles from Vol. 63, No. 5, Autumn

China in the Age of Globalization, or Globalization in the Age of China? Vancouver, September 11, 2006
It is entirely fitting that I am discussing China here in Vancouver. This city, in a province with a population that is ten percent ethnic Chinese, is really where China and North America meet. I have no doubt that many in this room have been to China...
China's Political Evolution: Implications for Beijing's Foreign Relations: Toronto, October 12, 2006
China's relationship with the rest of the world is not determined only by the size and speed of its economic growth. In the decades to come it will really be determined by the nature of the Chinese political system. Today I will first say something...
China's Rise: What It Means for the Rest of Us: Calgary, September 7, 2006
I first visited and served in China 25 years ago. Deng Ziaoping had only recently consolidated power and announced his reform program. China was a desperately poor, backward, and isolated country, the number 30 trading country in the world. There was...
Economic Interests and Strategic Rivalries in Asia-Pacific: Montreal, October 3, 2006
The Pacific Basin is today the engine of world growth, as the transatlantic relationship had been in the post-WWII world economy. Increasing economic ties are a common feature of both periods but there is a striking difference. The former was based...
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