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Articles from Vol. 64, No. 2, March

A European Common Defence Community in the Making?
The very concept of a European defence policy is laden with problems, as is clear to anyone with a passing knowledge of history and a map. As of I January, 2007, the European Union is composed of 27 countries. Some were enemies for centuries; many...
In Search of a European Identity: Towards a Genuine Political Community?
The European Union never stops surprising its observers. Fifty years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome the EU has moved far beyond its original mandate. It can celebrate some great successes even though questions remain about its direction and...
The European Union at 50-Still an Uncertain Destination
In Europe, regionalism after 1945 has taken the form of a process of integration that has led to the emergence of the European Union. It was founded, originally as the European Coal and Steel Community, through international treaties among the "original...
The European Union Fifty Years after the Treaties of Rome
INTRODUCTION, Amy Verdun On 25 March 2007 the European Union (EU) celebrates the signing in Rome--50 years ago to the day--of the two treaties that gave it birth. On that historic day the European Economic Community (EEC) Treaty and the European...
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