Management Quarterly

This quarterly journal addresses the management, board, industry and organization issues affecting electric cooperatives.

Articles from Vol. 45, No. 4, Winter

Pole Attachments: What Some May Call a Nuisance Are Worth Your Time and Attention
Given the complexity of the legal and regulatory issues affecting pole attachments and the uncertainty of pole attachment cost recovery, it is little wonder that many electric cooperatives across the country have struggled with how best to manage the...
Vital Signs: NRECA's Annual Summary of Distribution Cooperative Data
Vital Signs, first produced in 1985, is an annual analysis of the data reported by rural electric systems from the end of the previous calendar year. This year's data (2003) is based on 605 RUS borrowers and 174 CFC borrowers for a total of 779...
Whistleblowing Policy: An Element of Corporate Governance
The cascade effect from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 continues to be felt in a multitude of ways by all businesses, including electric cooperatives. New "best practices" in corporate governance are being established on a daily basis; among them is...
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