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This Canadian magazine publishes writings on international contemporary art and international-Canadian links.


No. 113, Spring

Noteworthy (Art Blog Roundup)
"Contemporary spectators are spectators on the move." (1) The utopic vision of a hypermediated experience--the constellation of ideas, communication and democratic values christened the "World Wide Web"--was doomed to collapse inwards under the...
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No. 107, Autumn

The Lives and Deaths of Carolee's Cats: Intimate Encounters, Gentle Transgressions and Incalculable Ethics
No, no, my cat, the cat that I looks at me in my bedroom or bathroom, this cat that is perhaps not "my cat" or "my pussycat," does not appear here to represent, like an ambassador, the immense symbolic responsibility with which our culture has always...
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No. 4, Summer

Behind the Curtain: Leah Modigliani Interviews the Center for Tactical Magic
NEW YORK, MARCH 2010 Leah Modigliani (LM) First of all, as an introduction, let me say that I've had an interest in the intersection between magic and the economy since I was about seven years old. I begged my parents for a magic kit I saw advertised...
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Sawdust coating the back stairs leading up from Fort Street was just one byproduct of a three-week-long construction project completed by brothers Cedric and Nathan Bomford at Victoria's Open Space gallery; the other was Bamberton: Contested Landscape,...
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No. 103, Autumn

Annie Pootoogook's Drawings of Contemporary Inuit Life
ANNIE POOTOOGOOK'S DRAWINGS OF CONTEMPORARY INUIT LIFE National Museum of the American Indian, New York This summer's solo exhibition of 39 of Annie Pootoogook's drawings at the National Museum of the American Indian is a rare opportunity to...
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No. 101, Spring

What Can Cinema Do? Often Used to Depict Political Conflict, Visual Media Also Suffer from Distinct Limitations When Attempting to Do So. Jon Davies on Steve McQueen, and Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige
They have turned their violence against themselves through the prison hunger strike to death. They seek to work on the most basic of human emotions--pity--as a means of creating tension and stoking the fires of bitterness and hatred. --Margaret...
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