Communication Research Trends

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Articles from Vol. 29, No. 1, March

Editor's Introduction
After the family, people most likely spend the majority of their "communication time" interacting in organizations--work for many, but also a host of voluntary organizations. In addition to that, people also interact with organizations ranging from...
McManus, John. Detecting Bull: How to Identify Bias and Junk Journalism in Print, Broadcast, and on the Wild Web
McManus, John. Detecting bull: How to identify and bias and junk journalism in print, broadcast, and on the wild web. (CD book). Pp. 272. Sunnyvale, CA: The Unvarnished Press, 2009. ISBN 978-0-9840785-0-9 (CD). $23.93. Available from
Threads of Intersection and Distinction: Joining an Ongoing Conversation within Organizational Communication Research
In any given discipline, there seems to be an ongoing battle of definition, a certain degree of consternation about who we are and where we fit. In this review we argue that the discipline of organizational communication is no different. In fact, journals...