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An Assessment of the Impact of Book Aid International (BAI) on the Development of Libraries in Kano State, Nigeria
Introduction Book Aid International (BAI) is a British Non-Governmental Organization that collects books donated from libraries, publishers, educational institutions, and individuals in the United Kingdom (UK) and distributes them to developing...
Dialectic Schemes in Thesaurus Creation
Introduction Dialectics is a form of reasoning and argument that aims to resolve and synthesize opposing views or ideas. Contemporary dialectic thought in the West is associated with Hegel, the German philosopher whose dialectical scheme described...
Implementing Universal Basic Education (UBE) through the Strategic Provision of School Library Services
Introduction In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserted that everyone has the right to education. Over 40 years later, it is clear that many people are still being denied this basic human right. Indeed, the 1980s saw more backward...
The Reference Interview: Theories and Practice
This article has also been published in the journal Biblioletra, published by The National and University Library of Kosova. * I need some information on breast cancer * I'm writing a paper on colonialism in Shakespeare's The Tempest * Do...
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