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Articles from Vol. 45, No. 1, Spring

"A Church of Himself": Liberal Skepticism and Consistent Character in Bishop Blougram's Apology
What or who is it that is "out," made manifest and fully disclosed, when and if I reveal myself as lesbian? What is it that is now known, anything? What remains permanently concealed by the very linguistic act that offers up the promise of a transparent...
Back to the Future: Lionel Trilling, "The Scholar-Gipsy," and the State of Victorian Poetry
Now that both a new generation of Victorianists and a group of senior scholars have had their say in the "Whither Victorian poetry?" debate, an outsider's view of some of the issues raised might prove useful. Many specialists in contiguous areas have...
"Pagan Moore": Poetry, Painting, and Passive Masculinity in George Moore's Flowers of Passion (1877) and Pagan Poems (1881)
Criticism and the public taste have, following George Moore's own lead, tended to neglect his poetic work. (1) At the publication of Flowers of Passion in autumn 1877, literary voices were united in their disgust toward Moore's blatant treatment of...
Poetry in the Victorian Marketplace: The Illustrated Princess as a Christmas Gift Book
In December 1859 Emily Tennyson recorded the arrival at Farringford of the illustrated Princess (1) whose complicated, prolonged, and treacherous birth had almost killed Tennyson's decades-long relationship with the House of Moxon the previous year....
Shaping the Self: Critical Perspective and Community in Sohrab and Rustum
To thee only God granted A heart ever new-- To all always open, To all always true. ("Parting," ll. 79-82) (1) Most critics agree that Sohrab and Rustum marks a turn in Arnold's work from the exploration of the isolated sells emotional...
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