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Articles from Vol. 45, No. 4, Winter

Christina Rossetti: Illness and Ideology
Doubtless the most familiar references to illness in the poetry of Christina Rossetti appear in Goblin Market after Lizzie's sister Laura has banqueted on the sumptuous fruits proffered by the demonic Goblin men (the only males, one recalls, who actually...
Constellating Chartist Poetry: Gerald Massey, Walter Benjamin, and the Uses of Messianism
Thinking involves not only the flow of thoughts, but their arrest as well. Where thinking suddenly stops in a configuration pregnant with tensions, it gives that configuration a shock, by which it crystallizes into a monad. A historical materialist...
The Uncertainty of Goblin Market
Some of the most persuasive recent readings of Goblin Market have been those which renew that critical tradition in which this poem--in which Christina Rossetti's work as a whole--is to be understood ultimately in religious terms. Such readings have...
Truncating Coleridgean Conversation and the Re-Visioning of "Dover Beach"
Reflect too, as I cannot but do here more and more, in spite of all the nonsense some people talk, how deeply unpoetical the age and all one's surroundings are. Not unprofound, not ungrand, not unmoving:--but unpoetical. (1) Ever since Ruth Pitman...
Winking through the Chinks: Eros and Ellipsis in Robert Browning's "Love among the Ruins"
In 1798, and with a spooniness of which not many Victorians would ever consider him capable, Thomas Malthus celebrated love at its most pure as that culminating glory which "scarcely a man who has once experienced [it]" does not regard "as the sunny...
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