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Articles from Vol. 40, No. 4, Winter

Another Bird? Counterpoint in "The Windhover"
DENNIS SOBOLEV RECENTLY COMMENTED THAT GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS IS a more marginal figure than in previous generations because current criticism has understood Hopkins to believe "in the immanence of meaning in language." (1) Hillis Miller is a critic...
Hopkins, Hamlet, and the Victorians: Carrion Comfort?
IN MARCH 1845, THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW CARRIED A LONG REVIEW ARTICLE by G. H. Lewes on "Shakspeare and his Editors." It reads as an extended lament. Over two hundred years since his death, Shakespeare still needed "able editing," a task which "to...
"My Love Is a Force That Will Force You to Care": Subversive Sexuality in Mathilde Blind's Dramatic Monologues
MALE REVIEWERS STRUGGLED TO CHARACTERIZE THE POEMS MATHILDE BLIND awarded pride of place in her 1891 collection Dramas in Miniature. Up to this time Blind was best known as an accomplished writer of sonnets and lyrics, and as a less accomplished...
Radical Myths: Eliza Keary's Little Seal-Skin and Other Poems (1874)
ELIZA HARRIET KEARY (1827-1918) WAS A YORKSHIRE POET WHOSE MAJOR work, a remarkably varied collection of poems running to one hundred and eighty-five pages, warrants far greater critical attention than it has received. Little Seal-Skin and Other...
"Shadowing Sense at War with Soul": Julia Margaret Cameron's Photographic Illustrations of Tennyson's Idylls of the King
ONE CHRISTMAS, WHEN I WAS about TWELVE YEARS OLD, I RECEIVED A pictorial history of the Arthurian legend. As I paged through it, I was startled to find, amidst splendidly illuminated illustrations from the middle ages, a black and white photograph...
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