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A bimonthly legal book published by the law school at Fordham University. Each issue focuses on a single topic, and publishes original research, critical pieces, and long-form essays related to that topic.

Articles from Vol. 36, No. 5, November

Barring "Analogous" State Law Claims Is No Excuse: Haywood V. Drown and States' Obligation to Enforce Section 1983
Introduction I. Haywood v. Drown A. The Facts B. Majority vs. Dissent II. Defining "Analogous" State Law Claims III. States' Obligation to Enforce Section 1983 A. What Triggers the Obligation? 1. The Broad Scope of the Antidiscrimination...
Deconstructing the Pipeline: Evaluating School-to-Prison Pipeline Equal Protection Cases through a Structural Racism Framework
"A man working in a munitions factory explains that he is not killing; he's just trying to get out a product. The same goes for the man who crates bombs in that factory. He's just packaging a product. He's not trying to kill anyone. So it goes until...
How Safe Is Your Data? Conceptualizing Hard Drives under the Fourth Amendment
Introduction I. The Historical Development of the Private Search Doctrine and Search Warrant Requirement A. The Search Warrant Requirement B. The Private Search Doctrine C. Hard Drive Technology II. Discussion: How Should...
Stakeholder Inclusion and Shareholder Protection: New Governance and the Changing Landscape of American Securities Regulation
Introduction I. Background on New Governance Theory and U.S. Securities Regulation A. Defining and Understanding New Governance B. Aspects of New Governance in Current U.S. Securities Regulation II. Avenues...
The United States' Adoption of the Well-Known Foreign Mark Exception
Introduction I. Background Principles A. The Territoriality Principle and the Well-Known Foreign Mark Exception 1. The Territoriality Principle 2. The Well-Known Foreign Mark Exception B. U.S. Adoption...
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