Fordham Urban Law Journal

A bimonthly legal book published by the law school at Fordham University. Each issue focuses on a single topic, and publishes original research, critical pieces, and long-form essays related to that topic.

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 6, August

Adding Insult to Injury: How in Re Venture Mortgage Fund Exposes the Inequitable Results of New York's Usury Remedies
INTRODUCTION For centuries, usury laws protected needy and desperate debtors from lenders' outrageous demands. (1) The protection of the needy and desperate, of the uninformed and unsuspecting, has been the upstanding principle behind these laws....
Lifting Voices: Towards Equal Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students in New York City
We all love to learn, but we feel disrespected. (1) PROLOGUE East 128th Street in Harlem, New York City, is empty, but for a middle-aged man walking along the sidewalk. Outside of the old school building, there is no sign, no central entrance--there...
Procreation and the Prisoner: Does the Right to Procreate Survive Incarceration and Do Legitimate Penological Interests Justify Restrictions on the Exercise of the Right
No "iron curtain" separates prisoners from the Constitution. (1) INTRODUCTION Criminal conviction and lawful incarceration necessarily deprive citizens of many of the rights, privileges, and freedoms other citizens are afforded under the Constitution....
The Jewish Criminal Lawyer's Dilemma
INTRODUCTION When choosing a legal field in which to practice, a lawyer may try to reconcile his religious and professional obligations. (1) This Comment argues that being a criminal defense lawyer is an impractical option for a Jewish lawyer....
The Restatement (Third) of Torts: Products Liability: The ALI's Cure for Prescription Drug Design Liability
"It has not been a well-kept secret. Anyone familiar with the law of products liability knows that [the Restatement (Second)] is out of date and requires revision." (1) "We conclude that [the Restatement (Third)] has no basis in the case law...
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