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Articles from Vol. 42, No. 1, March

Personality in New Zealand: Scale Norms and Demographic Differences in the Mini-IPIP6
There have been many studies examining how various isolated demographic factors predict various specific aspects of personality (Goldberg, Sweeney, Merenda, & Hughes, 1998). These studies generally seek to answer questions about differences in...
Sense of Community in New Zealand Neighbourhoods: A Multi-Level Model Predicting Social Capital
Research in community psychology has identified Sense of Community (SoC) as an important predictor of well-being (McNeill, Kreuter, & Subramanian, 2006). SoC is a core component of social capital, and can be defined as "the sense that one was part...
The Career Experiences of Industrial and Organisational Psychology Graduates
Attention has recently been given to the contributions that university programs in industrial and organizational (I/O) make to the profession and to organizations (O'Driscoll, Burt, Cable, Carr, Cooper-Thomas, Gardner & Lobb, 2010). Given the focus...
Warming the Emotional Climate of the Primary School Classroom
Warming the Emotional Climate of the Primary School Classroom By Ian M Evans and Shane T Harvey The topic of this book is of importance to all professionals who work with children. Development and problems in development involve transactions...
We Are All in the Same Boat: How Online Communities Facilitate the Process of Migration
Although New Zealand's economy is only slowly improving from a long-term recessionary period, the increasing need for skilled workers will soon be a key issue to both business and policymakers. Given the fact that New Zealand has had a net migration...
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