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Articles from Vol. 22, No. 4, Fall

Editors, Educators Agree on Outcomes but Not Goals
Just over a decade ago, a movement called public journalism -- sometimes called civic journalism, community journalism, community connectedness, communitarian journalism and participatory journalism -- emerged. It was promoted as a way to reduce people's...
Newspaper Editorials Show Few Regional Differences
From January 1995 to December 1997 at least 142 black churches were set on fire by arsonists, largely in Southern states. (1) Federal law enforcement officials and the U.S. national media began to focus on the church arsons in spring 1996, after their...
Newspaper Online Editors Support Traditional Standards
A growing number of Americans are going online for news. A May 2000 survey found that one in three Americans go online for news at least once a week, compared to 20 percent in 1998. (1) in addition, 15 percent say they receive daily reports from the...
Newspaper Roles Shape World Wide Web Searches
It has been argued that the Internet and World Wide Web have permanently changed how people communicate, as well as the methods they use to locate information needed in their daily lives. (1) The Internet and Web have had similar impacts on journalists....
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