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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 3, October

Critical Literacy: Power and Pleasure with Language in the Early Years
In Australia, critical literacy enjoys a new prominence in most state curriculum frameworks. Internationally it is being explored by a joint Critical Literacy Task Force (an International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of English...
Drama: Ways into Critical Literacy in the Early Childhood Years
Drama as pedagogy (a teaching/learning methodology) Views about what drama is differ among members of educational communities so an explanation of what is meant here by `drama' is needed. The kind of drama discussed here is also called `process...
Editors' Introduction
Six-year-old Christine was reading a book about sea creatures in her classroom. She read softly to herself, `Dolphins live the whole time in the sea'. She put the book down and to no-one in particular said, `Oh yeah? Sometimes they jump in the air!'....
That's Not Fair!: Critical Literacy as Unlimited Semiosis
Cinder Edna (Jackson, 1994) lived next-door to Cinderella. She also had a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters, but took a more proactive `can do' approach to life. While Cinderella moped among the cinders trying to warm herself, Cinder Edna kept...
Young Children as Critical Consumers
Why focus on critical literacy with young children? Culture, knowledge and what it means to be literate are constantly shifting in response to social, economic and political changes. Knowledge is no longer viewed as a fixed body of `truth' but as...
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