Sarah Kofman

Sarah Kofman: Selected full-text books and articles

Enigmas: Essays on Sarah Kofman
Penelope Deutscher; Kelly Oliver.
Cornell University Press, 1999
Bodily Detours: Sarah Kofman's Narratives of Childhood Trauma
Robson, Kathryn.
The Modern Language Review, Vol. 99, No. 3, July 2004
Rue Ordener, Rue Labat
Sarah Kofman; Ann Smock.
University of Nebraska Press, 1996
The Childhood of Art: An Interpretation of Freud's Aesthetics
Sarah Kofman; Winifred Woodhull.
Columbia University Press, 1988
Modern European Criticism and Theory: A Critical Guide
Julian Wolfreys.
Edinburgh University Press, 2006
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 53 "Other French Feminisms: Sarah Kofman (1934-1994), Monique Wittig (1935-), Michele Le Doeuff (1948-)"
Trauma Culture: The Politics of Terror and Loss in Media and Literature
E. Ann Kaplan.
Rutgers University Press, 2005
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 2 "Memory as Testimony in World War II: Freud, Duras, and Korman"
Shifting Scenes: Interviews on Women, Writing, and Politics in Post-68 France
Alice Jardine; Anne M. Menke; Carolyn G. Heilbrun; Nancy K. Miller.
Columbia University Press, 1991
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 9 "Sarah Kofman"
Nietzsche, Feminism, and Political Theory
Paul Patton.
Routledge, 1993
Librarian’s tip: "Nietzsche and the Feminine: Kofman and Irigaray" begins on p. 37
Styles of Piety: Practicing Philosophy after the Death of God
S. Clark Buckner; Matthew Statler.
Fordham University Press, 2006
Librarian’s tip: "Kofman's Identification with Antigone's Burial Ritual" begins on p. 157
Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers
Stuart Brown; Diané Collinson; Robert Wilkinson.
Routledge, 1996
Librarian’s tip: "Kofman, Sarah" begins on p. 404
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