Sidney Hook

Sidney Hook, 1902–89, American philosopher, b. New York City, grad. City College (B.S., 1923), Ph.D. Columbia Univ., 1927. He taught at New York Univ. (1927–72) and was long head of its philosophy department (1948–69). Originally a Marxist, he wrote The Meaning of Marx (1934) and From Hegel to Marx (1936). Hook later became disenchanted with Marxism and became active in anti-Communist causes. His opinions on American life were expressed in such works as Heresy Yes, Conspiracy No (1953), Common Sense and the Fifth Amendment (1957), The Place of Religion in a Free Society (1968), and Academic Freedom and Academic Anarchy (1970).

See P. Kurtz, ed., Sidney Hook and the Contemporary World (1968).

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Sidney Hook: Selected full-text books and articles

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Sidney Hook.
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Sidney Hook.
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Important Nonsense
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Librarian’s tip: "Sidney Hook: The Philosopher in Politics" begins on p. 99
Critiques of God: Making the Case against Belief in God
Peter A. Angeles.
Prometheus Books, 1997
Librarian’s tip: "Modern Knowledge and the Concept of God" by Sidney Hook begins on p. 21
Letters of Sidney Hook: Democracy, Communism, and the Cold War
Edward S. Shapiro.
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Philosophic Thought in France and the United States: Essays Representing Major Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy
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Librarian’s tip: "The Place of John Dewey in Modern Thought" by Sidney Hook begins on p. 483
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