Italian Fascism

Italian Fascism: Selected full-text books and articles

Italian Fascism: Its Origins and Development By Alexander De Grand University of Nebraska Press, 2000 (3rd edition)
Mussolini and Italian Fascism By Giuseppe Finaldi Routledge, 2013
The Seizure of Power: Fascism in Italy, 1919-1929 By Adrian Lyttelton Routledge, 2004 (Revised edition)
Fascist Modernities: Italy, 1922-1945 By Ruth Ben-Ghiat University of California Press, 2001
Readings on Fascism and National Socialism By Colorado University Department of Philosophy Swallow Press, 1984
Librarian's tip: "The Doctrine of Fascism" by Benito Mussolini begins on p. 7, "The Political Doctrine of Fascism" by Alfredo Rocco begins on p. 25, and "The Philosophic Basis of Fascism" by Giovanni Gentile begins on p. 48
The Italian Nationalist Association and the Rise of Fascism in Italy By Alexander J. De Grand University of Nebraska Press, 1978
The Syndicalist Tradition and Italian Fascism By David D. Roberts University of North Carolina Press, 1979
Italian Fascists on Trial, 1943-1948 By Roy Palmer Domenico University of North Carolina Press, 1991
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