Rollo May

Rollo May, 1909–94, American psychologist, b. Ada, Ohio. Previously a theological student and Congregational minister, May received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia Univ. in 1949, and introduced to American psychology the views of the European existentialists. A pioneer of the humanistic school of psychology, his work focused on the positive aspects of human potential and on the will of individuals toward self-fulfillment. May's writings include Love and Will (1969, repr. 1981) and The Courage to Create (1975).

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Rollo May: Selected full-text books and articles

Love and Will
Rollo May.
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The Courage to Create
Rollo May.
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Power and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence
Rollo May.
W. W. Norton, 1972
The Meaning of Anxiety
Rollo May.
Ronald Press, 1950
Symbolism in Religion and Literature
Rollo May.
George Braziller, 1960
An Introduction to Theories of Personality
Robert B. Ewen.
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Librarian’s tip: Chap. 14 "Rollo May: Existential Psychology"
Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology: A Historical and Biographical Sourcebook
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Greenwood Press, 1999
Librarian’s tip: "Rollo May, Liberator and Realist" begins on p. 347, also discusses May throughout
The Founders of Humanistic Psychology
Roy José DeCarvalho.
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Librarian’s tip: "Rollo R. May" begins on p. 24, also discusses May throughout
Existential Psychotherapy
Irvin D. Yalom.
Basic Books, 1980
Librarian’s tip: "Toward a Clinical Understanding of Will: Rank, Farber, May" begins on p. 293
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