Neopaganism: Selected full-text books and articles

New Age and Neopagan Religions in America By Sarah M. Pike Columbia University Press, 2004
Stealing Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Modern Western Magic By Nevill Drury Oxford University Press, 2011
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 6 "The Rebirth of the Goddess"
Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media: Explorations in Media, Religion, and Culture By Stewart M. Hoover; Lynn Schofield Clark Columbia University Press, 2002
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 12 "Internet Ritual: A Case Study of the Construction of Computer-Mediated Neopagan Religious Meaning"
Environmentalism: The View from Anthropology By Kay Milton Routledge, 1993
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 15 "The Resurgence of Romanticism: Contemporary Neopaganism, Feminist Spirituality and the Divinity of Nature"
Perspectives on the New Age By James R. Lewis; J. Gordon Melton State University of New York Press, 1992
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 11 "An Update on Neopagan Witchcraft in America"
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