New Age Movement

New Age

New Age, a term popularized in the 1980s to describe a wide-ranging set of beliefs and practices that are an outgrowth of the counterculture of the 1960s and 70s in the United States. Adherents of the New Age movement believe that a spiritual era is dawning in which individuals and society will be transformed. The movement encompasses a wide range of ideas, including personal spiritual growth and self-realization, holistic medicine (including the use of crystals for healing), reincarnation, astrology, and the mystical energies said to be induced by pyramids. Many critics of the movement regard it as anti-intellectual. In music, the term refers to meditative, relaxing, usually instrumental styles.

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New Age Movement: Selected full-text books and articles

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Librarian’s tip: Chap. 11 "New Age Religion"
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Librarian’s tip: Chap. 8 "The New Age"
The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements By James R. Lewis Oxford University Press, 2004
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 20 "The Dynamics of Alternative Spirituality: Seekers, Networks, and 'New Age'"
Sects, Cults, and Spiritual Communities: A Sociological Analysis By William W. Zellner; Marc Petrowsky Praeger, 1998
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 1 "The Evolution of a New Age Cult: From Total Overcomers Anonymous to Death at Heaven's Gate"
Clean Living Movements: American Cycles of Health Reform By Ruth Clifford Engs Praeger Publishers, 2000
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 12 "Religious Awakening, New Age Religions, and Wellness"
The Problem of Context By Roy Dilley Berghahn Books, 1999
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 7 "The Holistic Individual Context as Political Process in the New Age Movement"
Shamanism: Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to the Mastery of Spirits and Healing By Merete Demant Jakobsen Berghahn Books, 1999
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 4 "Neo-Shamanism and the New Age"
Rave Culture and Religion By Graham John Routledge, 2004
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 12 "Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibza and Goa"
New Age and Neopagan Religions in America By Sarah M. Pike Columbia University Press, 2004
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