Religious Conversion

Religious Conversion: Selected full-text books and articles

The Conversion Experience in America: A Sourcebook on Religious Conversion Autobiography
James Craig Holte.
Greenwood Press, 1992
Religious Conversion and Identity: The Semiotic Analysis of Texts
Massimo Leone.
Routledge, 2003
Varieties of Religious Conversion in the Middle Ages
James Muldoon.
University Press of Florida, 1997
From Death to Rebirth: Ritual and Conversion in Antiquity
Thomas M. Finn.
Paulist Press, 1997
Mission and Conversion: Proselytizing in the Religious History of the Roman Empire
Martin Welsh Goodman.
Oxford University Press, 1994
Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome
Patrick Allitt.
Cornell University Press, 1997
Converting Women: Gender and Protestant Christianity in Colonial South India
Eliza F. Kent.
Oxford University Press, 2004
The Cult Experience
Andrew J. Pavlos.
Greenwood Press, 1982
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 2 "Becoming a Cultist: Conversion to a Cult"
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