Rudolf Bultmann

Bultmann, Rudolf Karl

Rudolf Karl Bultmann (bŏŏlt´män), 1884–1976, German existentialist theologian, educated at the universities of Tübingen, Berlin, and Marburg. He taught at the universities of Breslau and Giessen and from 1921 to 1950 was professor at the Univ. of Marburg. Strongly influenced by the existentialist philosophy of Martin Heidegger, Bultmann is best known for his work on the New Testament, which he reduced—with the exception of the Passion—to basic elements of myth, which then have application to contemporary concerns. His approach is termed "demythologization." His classic work is Theology of the New Testament (tr. 1951). Other writings in English translation include Essays, Philosophical and Theological (1952, tr. 1955), Primitive Christianity in its Contemporary Setting (1949, tr. 1963), Jesus and the World (1951, tr. 1958), The Gospel of John (1953, tr. 1971), The History of the Synoptic Tradition (1957, 2d ed. tr. 1968); see also his selected shorter writings, Existence and Faith (tr. 1960); studies by E. T. Lang (1968), Walter Schmithals (tr. 1968), and André Malet (tr. 1969).

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Rudolf Bultmann: Selected full-text books and articles

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Geraint Vaughan Jones.
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Librarian’s tip: Includes discussion of Rudolf Bultmann in multipe chapters
Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians
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Librarian’s tip: "Bultmann, Rudolf" begins on p. 102
The Origins of Christianity: A Historical Introduction to the New Testament
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The Old Testament and Christian Faith: A Theological Discussion
Bernhard W. Anderson.
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Librarian’s tip: "Bultmann against Marcion" begins on p. 49 and "The Significance of the Old Testament for the Christian Faith" by Rudolf Bultmann begins on p. 8
The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus
Norman Perrin.
Westminster Press, 1963
Librarian’s tip: Chap. VII "Bultmann and the 'Bultmann School' on Kingdom of God and Son of Man"
Twentieth-Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology, 1900-1960
John MacQuarrie.
Harper & Row, 1963
Understanding the Fourth Gospel
John Ashton.
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Librarian’s tip: Part I "Questions and Answers"
Racializing Jesus: Race, Ideology, and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship
Shawn Kelley.
Routledge, 2002
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 5 "In the shadow of Heidegger: Bultmann, Race, and the Quest for Christian Origins"
Biblical Interpretation
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Librarian’s tip: "Bultmann and beyond" begins on p. 110
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