Ashley Montagu

Ashley Montagu (Montague Francis Ashley Montagu) (ăsh´lē mänt´əgyü), 1905–99, British-American anthropologist, b. London as Israel Ehrenberg, Ph.D. Columbia Univ., 1937. He was assistant professor of anatomy in the Graduate School of Medicine, New York Univ. (1931–38), associate professor at Hahnemann College and Hospital in Philadelphia (1938–49), and professor and chair of the department of anthropology at Rutgers Univ. (1949–55). He is best known for his argument that aggression is not a natural human drive and for having discredited "race" as a specious and dangerous concept in the social sciences. Montagu's writings achieved popular success, which diminished his acceptance among academics. Among his more than 60 works are The Nature of Human Aggression (1976), Growing Young (1981), Science and Creationism (1983), Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (1942, 6th ed. 1998), and The Natural Superiority of Women (1953, 5th ed. 1999).

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Ashley Montagu: Selected full-text books and articles

Race and IQ By Ashley Montagu Oxford University Press, 1999 (Expanded edition)
Marriage, Past and Present: A Debate between Robert Briffault and Bronislaw Malinowski By Robert Briffault; Bronislaw Malinowski; M. F. Ashley Montagu Porter Sargent Publisher, 1956
Science and Creationism By Ashley Montagu Oxford University Press, 1984
Darwin: Competition & Cooperation By Ashley Montagu Henry Schuman, 1952
The Saturday Review Treasury By John Haverstick Simon and Schuster, 1957
Librarian's tip: "The Natural Superiority of Women" by Ashley Montagu begins on p. 468
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Toynbee and History: Critical Essays and Reviews By M. F. Ashley Montagu Porter Sargent, 1956
The Cultured Man By Ashley Montagu World Pub. Co., 1958
Man in Process By Ashley Montagu World Publishing, 1961
Mutilated Humanity By Montagu, Ashley The Humanist, Vol. 55, No. 4, July-August 1995
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