Julian H. Steward

Steward, Julian Haynes

Julian Haynes Steward, 1902–72, American anthropologist, b. Washington, D.C., grad. Cornell, 1925, Ph.D. Univ. of California, 1929. He taught at the Univ. of Michigan (1928–30), Columbia (1946–52), and the Univ. of Illinois (1952–72), as well as other universities. He conducted both archaeological and ethnographic studies. At the Smithsonian Institution he was anthropologist (1935–43) in the Bureau of American Ethnology, edited for the bureau the monumental Handbook of South American Indians (7 vol., 1946–59), and was director (1943–46) of the Institute of Social Anthropology. He advanced the concept of multilinear cultural evolution, according to which increases in cultural complexity occur in different ways in different societies; he also emphasized the importance of cultural ecology, the way in which adaptation to the environment promotes culture change. His research interests involved both traditional and modern societies. His writings include South American Culture (1949), Area Research, Theory and Practice (1950), Theory of Culture Change (1955), and The People of Puerto Rico: A Study in Social Anthropology (1956).

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Julian H. Steward: Selected full-text books and articles

Native Peoples of South America By Julian H. Steward; Louis C. Faron McGraw-Hill, 1959
The Social Anthropology of Latin America: Essays in Honor of Ralph Leon Beals By Walter Goldschmidt; Harry Hoijer Latin American Center, University of California, 1970
Librarian's tip: "Cultural Evolution in South America" by Julian H. Steward begins on p. 199
Ancient Caves of the Great Salt Lake Region By Julian H. Steward U.S. Government Printing Office, 1937
Basin-Plateau Aboriginal Sociopolitical Groups By Julian H. Steward United States Government Printing Office, 1938
The Study of Culture By L. L. Langness Chandler & Sharp, 1987 (Revised edition)
Librarian's tip: "Modern Evolutionists" begins on p. 123
Method and Theory in American Archaeology By Gordon R. Willey; Philip Phillips University of Chicago Press, 1958
Librarian's tip: Chap. 3 "The Historical-Developmental Appraoch in American Archaeology"
Marx's Ghost: Conversations with Archaeologists By Thomson C. Patterson Berg, 2003
Librarian's tip: Discussion of Julian Steward begins on p. 55
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