Communication Magazines

Publication Issues Newest issue Oldest issue Articles
American Journalism Review Number of issues: 150 Newest issue: 3/22/2013 Oldest issue: 3/1/1993 Number of articles: 2,720
Communication World Number of issues: 172 Newest issue: 2/1/2014 Oldest issue: 1/1/1989 Number of articles: 1,794
Editor & Publisher Number of issues: 1,644 Newest issue: 1/1/2016 Oldest issue: 1/5/1991 Number of articles: 16,968
Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management Number of issues: 370 Newest issue: 12/1/2015 Oldest issue: 1/1/1984 Number of articles: 7,314
Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. The IRE Journal Number of issues: 93 Newest issue: 10/1/2015 Oldest issue: 1/1/1997 Number of articles: 1,365
Media Report to Women Number of issues: 16 Newest issue: 10/1/2015 Oldest issue: 1/1/2012 Number of articles: 130
Nieman Reports Number of issues: 88 Newest issue: 9/22/2015 Oldest issue: 9/22/1992 Number of articles: 2,988
St. Louis Journalism Review Number of issues: 149 Newest issue: 7/1/2010 Oldest issue: 2/1/1994 Number of articles: 2,242
The Masthead Number of issues: 67 Newest issue: 12/22/2009 Oldest issue: 3/22/1993 Number of articles: 1,164
The Quill Number of issues: 148 Newest issue: 11/1/2015 Oldest issue: 9/1/1997 Number of articles: 3,556
Washington Journalism Review Number of issues: 2 Newest issue: 1/1/1993 Oldest issue: 12/1/1992 Number of articles: 29
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