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Publication Issues Newest issue Oldest issue Articles
American Nurse Today Number of issues: 68 Newest issue: 9/1/2018 Oldest issue: 1/1/2013 Number of articles: 1,217
Drug Topics Number of issues: 403 Newest issue: 8/1/2015 Oldest issue: 1/1/1991 Number of articles: 8,527
Health Facilities Management Number of issues: 62 Newest issue: 11/1/2018 Oldest issue: 1/1/2013 Number of articles: 868
Humane Health Care International Number of issues: 6 Newest issue: 9/22/1997 Oldest issue: 1/1/1996 Number of articles: 115
Journal of Continuing Education Topics & Issues Number of issues: 35 Newest issue: 8/1/2018 Oldest issue: 1/1/2007 Number of articles: 322
Medical Economics Number of issues: 403 Newest issue: 8/25/2015 Oldest issue: 4/11/1994 Number of articles: 7,050
Nursing Economics Number of issues: 43 Newest issue: 1/1/2019 Oldest issue: 1/1/2012 Number of articles: 398
Nutrition Action Healthletter Number of issues: 307 Newest issue: 3/1/2019 Oldest issue: 1/1/1988 Number of articles: 1,425
Nutrition Health Review Number of issues: 70 Newest issue: 12/22/2018 Oldest issue: 1/1/1989 Number of articles: 1,061
PT in Motion Number of issues: 3 Newest issue: 7/1/2011 Oldest issue: 6/1/2010 Number of articles: 4
The Alcoholism Report Number of issues: 63 Newest issue: 12/1/1994 Oldest issue: 1/1/1989 Number of articles: 423
The Nation's Health Number of issues: 122 Newest issue: 2/1/2019 Oldest issue: 8/1/2006 Number of articles: 2,406
Volta Voices Number of issues: 73 Newest issue: 1/1/2018 Oldest issue: 1/1/2005 Number of articles: 943
World Health Report Number of issues: 10 Newest issue: 1/1/2013 Oldest issue: 1/1/2001 Number of articles: 102
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