Library and Information Science Magazines

Publication Issues Newest issue Oldest issue Articles
American Libraries Number of issues: 322 Newest issue: 3/1/2016 Oldest issue: 1/1/1984 Number of articles: 6,506
Computers in Libraries Number of issues: 277 Newest issue: 4/1/2016 Oldest issue: 2/1/1989 Number of articles: 4,074
Information Outlook Number of issues: 189 Newest issue: 11/1/2015 Oldest issue: 1/1/1997 Number of articles: 2,083
Library Administrator's Digest Number of issues: 175 Newest issue: 2/1/2016 Oldest issue: 2/1/1998 Number of articles: 1,450
Online Number of issues: 149 Newest issue: 11/1/2012 Oldest issue: 1/1/1988 Number of articles: 4,350
Online Searcher Number of issues: 17 Newest issue: 1/1/2016 Oldest issue: 1/1/2013 Number of articles: 361
School Librarian Number of issues: 25 Newest issue: 3/22/2016 Oldest issue: 3/22/2010 Number of articles: 661
Searcher Number of issues: 195 Newest issue: 12/1/2012 Oldest issue: 5/1/1993 Number of articles: 1,876
Special Libraries Number of issues: 31 Newest issue: 6/22/1996 Oldest issue: 3/22/1989 Number of articles: 270
Teacher Librarian Number of issues: 88 Newest issue: 2/1/2016 Oldest issue: 9/1/1998 Number of articles: 1,813
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