Magazine article Insight on the News

Ari Fleischer's Wit and Madeleine Albright's Stiletto Heels. (the Insider)

Magazine article Insight on the News

Ari Fleischer's Wit and Madeleine Albright's Stiletto Heels. (the Insider)

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How many Americans will die because the French and other U.N. poltroons delayed a U.S. strike to give Saddam Hussein more time?

* Those Guernica covers on the New Yorker and Harpers are based on a cubist painting by Pablo Picasso commissioned as propaganda by the Communist Party of Spain as the Nazis and Soviets fought a surrogate civil war in that country. In formally joining the Communist Party in 1944, Picasso explained, "I had to fight not only with painting but with my whole being."

* Radical feminists are furious that the Food and Drug Administration is about to release a new pharmaceutical to eliminate menstruation and its discomfitures for periods of three months. One calls it "chemical misogyny excited by ancient taboos."

* White House spokesman Ari Fleischer formulated Saddam's efforts to delay invasion this way: "He denied he had these weapons and then he destroys things he says he never had. If he lies about never having them, how can you trust him when he says he has destroyed them?"

* Saddam ought to call Ari at (202) 456-2673 and challenge him to a debate. That is, if he dares test the press secretary's occult powers. Gossip has it that Fleischer responded to the pro-Arab and anti-Bush provocations of Hearst White House columnist Helen Thomas by putting a curse on her moustache.

* During a recent presidential press conference Hussein Ibish, a spokesman for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, one of the most vocal Arab-American political groups, sat in front of the TV screen drinking a bottle of French champagne at swank Smith & Wollensky's in downtown Washington. Other patrons of the bar say he was so obnoxiously derisive of the president that they had to tell the Arab flack to shut up or get out.

* The day the last issue of INSIGHT went to press with a report on him and the American Muslim Council (AMC), the group announced the departure of executive director Eric Vickers, who had refused on national TV to denounce the terrorist groups Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.

* The controversial AMC is merging with the American Muslim Alliance, founded by former Pakistan Communist Party chief Agha Saeed, and changing its name to the National American Muslim Foundation.

* Saddam has sent $35 million to reward families of Palestinian terrorists killed while fighting Israelis or blowing themselves up to kill Jews, with the latest checks passed out in a YMCA hall in Gaza City.

* There is growing concern that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the federally sponsored guarantors of $3.1 trillion in residential debt (45 percent of the total), hold authorized government guarantees for only $4. …

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