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A Letter from the Editor

Magazine article Insight on the News

A Letter from the Editor

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Dear Readers,

As our young servicemen and women wage war for a people unaccustomed to the sweet taste of freedom, we encourage everyone to ponder now and again the values that we defend. As an old Muslim man told me recently, "Sure, it's hard here [in the United States]. But it's better." Why, I asked? "There are no limits here" he said. "I can achieve anything and no one can prevent me from doing that except myself."

The old man, along with Muslims and Christians I've spent time with lately, worry about the consequences of war--especially so in nationstates such as Iraq and Afghanistan and within the Middle East. "It must be done" is the consensus of those from the region who have shared with me their hopes for the future. Such is the honest answer about this war.

This is the same message I've received from family, friends and strangers when I ask for their thoughts about war in Iraq. Arguments do emerge ranging from gentle to somewhat gruff about U.S. finesse (or lack of it) in the lead-up to war. But this much is clear: It must be done. No sandstorm of propaganda can obscure this fact.

The value system of this country calls on us to help others in need, even when the sacrifice is great. We see that as part of the responsibility of maintaining freedom not only at home but for those who wish to emulate (but not necessarily replicate) our aspiration for liberty, if only for the next generation. Such is the promise of our call to arms.

A key to understanding such concepts is a free press. Our purpose here at INSIGHT centers on our determination to convey news that bridges the intellectual gap between policymakers and citizens so that decisions that often involve deep emotional responses are grounded on facts and not just impulse. Such freedom of the press has been ensured by much toil and sweat, blood and death, and especially by the efforts of so many of our young--such as the youth in harm's way today. …

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