New Look, New Content and New Readers for ITC's Magazine Online. (What's New - Forum Online)

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With a new look, new content and new readers, ITO's online version of its magazine, International Trade Forum, is attracting renewed interest from trade development professionals.

Launched in April 2001, the Forum web site now attracts over 40,000 visitors monthly (485,000 hits) from nearly 150 countries. Web communities as diverse as Algeria's export development bank, a Peruvian non-governmental organization to help housewives and CNN Espanol have logged onto the site. Over 110 institutions have a permanent link to Forum, including governments, international organizations, universities, media, search engines and web directories.

More content in one click

For Forum issue 3/2002 (Doha: How Business Can Benefit) and as a service to readers, we added links to web sites or articles about the Doha Development Agenda, making it easier to find more information with one click. We are linked to:

* WTO's main site on the Doha Development Agenda;

* ITC's World Tr@de Net site;

* an article in Finance & Development, the magazine of the International Monetary Fund;

* a relevant online article from the OECD Observer;

* an article in Bridges, a publication of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development;

* an article in the ISO Bulletin; and an article in Africa Recovery, a UN periodical.

For each new magazine issue, we will include links to relevant sites on the theme of the issue. …


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