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Fear Factor

Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management

Fear Factor

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When Madison Avenue execs look at media, they often see a marketing communications glass that is less than half full. That can't make them happy. But when you consider that the stuff they actually have control over - advertising - typically represents only a small percentage of media content, well, then, their perspective makes sense.

But there are others - public relations pros - for whom the media glass is looking increasingly full of opportunity. And on a relative basis, magazines appear to count disproportionately more to these folk than the other major media.

Why? While magazines, overall, don't focus much attention on corporate America, they yield some of the highest returns in terms of total corporate news impressions.

Magazines' Share of Corporate News Impressions '02

And we know this ... how? Because several companies have emerged that track and analyze corporate news coverage, in much the same way that Madison Avenue evaluates the advertising impressions they buy in those very same media. One of the firms, Delahaye Medialink, has even teamed up with the Reputation Institute to create what in effect is the Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) of public relations.

The so-called Media Reputation Index (coincidentally also called MRi) monitors corporate news coverage in print (magazines, newspapers, and newsletters) and electronic (TV, radio, and the Internet) media and assigns values based on whether it is positive or negative, a metric Delahaye calls the "net effect."

Based on these newfangled measures, magazines generate only a small share of stories about corporate America - 3 percent of the 250,942 stories tracked across all media during 2002 - but yielded a disproportionately higher share of total corporate news impressions (9. …

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