Is the Number of Ideas Finite? Indications Are, Yes! (Concept)

Article excerpt

In November 2002, announced the behaviourome, or human mental map, project--a map of ideas--to understand ourselves and whether the number of ideas is finite.

A 1994 International Bioethics Survey asked 6000+ people in 10 countries 150 questions on bioethics dilemmas. From its results, I proposed that the number of human ideas is finite. The evidence continues to suggest that the number of ideas is finite, and thus countable. We'll know after we map them.

The project aims to compare mental maps and idea diversity between individuals and species in order to develop descriptive bioethics into a common framework for comparative ethics. The map will aid policy making that respects diversity of people within a culture and globally. Guidelines should be culturally sensitive regarding ethical, social, and legal aspects. We'll have to ensure that the map is used well and not to dictate majority views to minorities. Individual mental maps will help people consider all of their ideas and make moral choices.

On the map, the number of ideas depends on the arbitrary limits placed around them. A virtual map will be useful for communication, but at present there's a physical model for the initial construction phases, This four-dimensional box includes points representing ideas on a matrix for different types of ideas within a framework of six sides: the ideals of self-love, love of others, loving good, loving life--with time memories and hopes. …


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