Wall Board. (What's New?)

Article excerpt

* Among typical household chores, ironing ranks up there with those that most define the term "chores" Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for such apathy is the ironing board, a usually ungainly accessory that is annoying to open and close, rickety when in use, difficult to store away, and an overall ugly duckling when out. Although they can't do anything about the act of ironing itself, the folks at Hide-Away Ironing Boards, Inc., Tulsa, Okla., have the cure for most of the other afflictions.

The Hide-Away Recessed Ironing Board is virtually self-descriptive in that it is designed to be mounted within a cabinet recessed into a wall in a laundry or utility room, garage, or wherever else you do your ironing. Using a sheet rock saw or utility knife, a vertical rectangle is cut out of the wall between two studs and the cabinet is inserted into the hole and anchored in place with screws driven into the studs. (The procedure is similar to mounting a medicine cabinet.) The frame of the cabinet conceals any sign of the hole, leaving nothing but an attractive oak door--which can be installed to open either left or right, depending on the room's configuration--on view, almost flush with the wall. …


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