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Magazine article Management Today


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This month, economist Will Hutton scrutinises John Kay's new book The Truth About Markets for MT. Hutton, CEO of the Work Foundation and author of The State We're In, finds he is easily persuaded by Kay's explanations of the issues that economists have grappled with ever since the fall of communism, such as why did market economies outperform socialist ones? Hutton, a former editor-in-chief of the Observer, published his latest book The World We're In last year.


Richard Reeves has been a newspaper journalist, government adviser, academic, think-tanker and consultant. Now he's a 'portfolio worker - a nicer way of saying you haven't yet decided what you want to be when you grow up'. As well as being a regular MT columnist, he advises companies on HR strategy. His latest obsession is the relationship between happiness and economic progress. 'Money isn't that important to our wellbeing. But don't tell my clients (or the MT section editor) I said that.'


Chris Blackhurst, the London Evening Standard's City editor, is a journalist with a broadly trodden beat as ex-deputy editor of the Independent, the Independent on Sunday and the Express. Here, he interviews Sir Richard Sykes, ex-GlaxoSmithKline boss who heads Imperial College, London. Expecting to find someone nostalgic for corporate superstardom, Chris came away feeling jealous. 'He's got this great job, surrounded by brilliant academics.' Another change, Chris? …

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