Magazine article The New American

The Global School Board: By Rejoining UNESCO, the U.S. Government Is Aiding the UN's Grab for Power and Boosting the Earth Charter Crusade to Paganize Our Children. (Education)

Magazine article The New American

The Global School Board: By Rejoining UNESCO, the U.S. Government Is Aiding the UN's Grab for Power and Boosting the Earth Charter Crusade to Paganize Our Children. (Education)

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A global stealth campaign is underway and is gathering momentum. The masterminds of this campaign are aiming at nothing less than a world revolution, a revolution of mind and heart that will change and "transform" humanity. They have devised a new "Global Ethic" to replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a new "Sixteen Principles" to replace the Ten Commandments, They call it the Earth Charter. The "they" we refer to is an impressive collection of world notables: former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, Marxist friar Leonardo Boff, radical theologian Hans Kung, media mogul Ted Turner, philanthropist and spiritual guru Steven Rockefeller, former Dutch prime minister Ruud Lubbers, actor Danny Glover, and actress Meryl Streep, to name a few.

Although children are not allowed to pray in the government schools to the one true God who made the cosmos and everything in it (including our planet), they are being encouraged, under the new "global spirituality," to adopt the pagan religions of indigenous cultures and to worship the Earth itself. The UN-appointed high priest of the new Earth cult, Mr. Gorbachev, has declared his creed: "Cosmos is my God; Nature is my God." Will your children follow him, chanting their mantras of praise to the Earth goddess Gaia, or some jungle deity or sacred dung beetle? You will not have much say in the matter, if Gorbachev and company have their way. And they do intend to have their way. Thanks to President Bush and a compliant Congress, these Earth Charter evangelists recently received a major boost to their sinister crusade.

Earth Charter Stealth Campaign

Last year President Bush announced his decision to have the United States rejoin UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the principal UN organ promoting the Earth Charter. Congress has already appropriated the funds, and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are now flowing into the UNESCO coffers to fund its subversive programs. The Earth Charter is one of UNESCO's major efforts, but far from its only concern. The one-world architects at the UN have big designs for UNESCO: They intend for it to become the global school board that will set global academic standards, design and certify curricula, guide school accreditation standards, monitor national educational compliance with UN mandates, fund education programs -- and much more.

"As a symbol of our commitment to human dignity, the United States will return to UNESCO"' said President Bush, in his address to the United Nations on September 12, 2002. "This organization has been reformed and America will participate fully in its mission to advance human rights and tolerance and learning." Anyone who surveys UNESCO's programs will quickly see good reason to question these claims of reform and will find absolutely chilling any suggestion that we "participate fully in its mission."

How, pray tell, might UNESCO assist our children in "tolerance and learning"? One of the principal ways, it appears, is through an already prepared and operational global curriculum based on the Earth Charter. It is an indoctrination program designed to produce children who will be ardent one-world, New Age socialists. The Earth Charter Commission that drew up this new "sacred" text was co-chaired by Mr. Gorbachev, a lifelong Communist, and Maurice Strong, the Canadian billionaire socialist who served as secretary-general of the 1992 Earth Summit. Joined by Steven Rockefeller and other UN-designated "wise persons," these anointed lu- minaries produced a document perfectly suited to UNESCO's global collectivist agenda.

As the Earth Charter itself declares, "we urgently need a shared vision of basic values to provide an ethical foundation for the emerging world community." This grand "shared vision of basic values" was formally unveiled to the world last September at the United Nations World Summit on Biological Diversity (Earth Summit II) in Johannesburg, South Africa. …

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