Magazine article Insight on the News

Odds and Ends from across the Atlantic. (for the People)

Magazine article Insight on the News

Odds and Ends from across the Atlantic. (for the People)

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Regular readers of for the people no doubt will find interesting the following stories, culled from news services and collected for instruction, edification and enlightenment:

* In Germany, a group of four college professors who claim to be morally outraged at what they consider to be the illegal U.S. and British war in Iraq have demanded that Germans stop using words that the German language has adopted from English.

"We won't accept the United States as a role model as long as it is violating international law, so this seemed to be an appropriate way to protest peacefully," sniffed Armin Burkhardt of Magdeburg University.

The gang of four want to do away with English words that have come into everyday use in German such as "okay" and "T-shirt" and "party." It is of interest that the professors don't want to replace them with German alternatives, but with equivalents from French: "d'accord" for okay; "tricot" for T-shirt; and "fete" for party.

* For a decade now Romanians have struggled, with very uneven success, to overcome the truly dreadful economic and moral legacy of the long-time Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu and his unspeakable wife, Elena. What's encouraging is that the Romanians haven't lost the marvelous sense of irony that kept them from going mad under the dictatorship.

According to the Romanian daily newspaper Adevarul, Victor Dodoi of Botosani in northern Romania intends to lodge a complaint with the nation's Consumer Protection Authority. …

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