A Gay-Friendly Tango: With Fund-Raising Dollars at Stake, Democratic Hopefuls Try to Prove They Would Be Pro-Gay Presidents. (Politics)

Article excerpt

Call it the politics of "family values." In early April, well-known Anne Klein designer Charles Nolan quit his day job to work on Howard Dean's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Nolan just happens to be the partner of Andrew Tobias, the powerful treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.

"I'm very proud of Charles for doing something he believes so strongly in," Tobias said. "I'm a great fan of Governor Dean too, as I am of all the Democratic candidates. My job is to remain neutral and make sure that whoever emerges as the nominee has all the resources necessary to beat George W. Bush in the general election."

For his part, Nolan, who will not be paid for his work, said he was drawn to the former Vermont governor because of "the simplicity of his message. Basically, he's just saying that gay people should have all the rights everyone else has. He made that case very well when it came to signing the civil union bill in Vermont."

Dean's ability to get Nolan's commitment is just one sign of intensifying competition for gay votes and gay fund-raising dollars. …


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