Magazine article Technology and Children

Communicating in Space. (Activity)

Magazine article Technology and Children

Communicating in Space. (Activity)

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All living things communicate in some way. Forms of communication range from words and sounds to body gestures and writings to lights and signals. In order for a communication system to work, both parties must understand the code. Two people must speak and understand a language to be able to talk with one another, or devise some other means of communicating. Imagine that you're on the moon and need to communicate with your partner--but you have your space suits on, and your two-way radios don't work.

Design Problem

Without using spoken words or sounds, be able to communicate messages to your partner.


* Markers or colored pencils

* Construction paper

* Colored acetate

* Flashlights

* Scissors

* Other materials and tools to meet student design needs


1. The class should agree on a quantity and variety of messages to be conveyed between members of a group. Explain the difference between one-way messages and two-way (full duplex) communication. …

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