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Prostate Cancer. (Health Hotline)

Magazine article Ebony

Prostate Cancer. (Health Hotline)

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OTHER than skin cancer, it is the most common type of cancer found in American men, and the second leading cause of cancer death, exceeded only by lung cancer. In fact, this year alone, prostate cancer will victimize about 221,000 men in the United States, and will kill about 29,000.

While 1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer, it occurs almost 70 percent more often in African-American men as it does in White men, and African-American men are twice as likely to die.

The good news is that cancer of the prostate is one of the easiest to treat if detected early. Symtoms include a weak or interrupted flow of urine, difficulty urinating or urinating frequently (especially at night), pain or burning when you urinate, blood in the urine and nagging pain in the back, hips or pelvis.

For those diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are a number of treatments, including an approach called "watchful waiting" when the cancer hasn't spread outside the prostate. This approach consists of regular exams to monitor the cancer's progress without any actual treatment.

When watchful waiting is not an option, four kinds of treatment are commonly used--surgery to remove the cancer, radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells with high-dose x-rays or other high-energy rays, hormone therapy to stop the cancer cells from growing with the use of hormones and biological therapy to fight the cancer by using your body's immune system.

One possible risk factor that can be changed is diet, with men opting for meals low in fat and high in vegetables, fruits and grains. …

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